How to reset Oppo A17 to restore it to its original state

Reset serves to restore the Android software embedded in Oppo A17 back to its original state, like a new phone. You can follow several ways to reset here.

This smartphone is equipped with large internal storage, we no longer need to delete files stored on Hp regularly. In addition, there is a feature called RAM Expansion that allows us to add virtual RAM to make it easier to run heavy applications and games.

Not much different from other Hp, Oppo A17 also sometimes experiences errors including turning off itself, being unresponsive, forgetting patterns and many more. We can take advantage of the reset feature to overcome the Hp that has an error.

How to Reset Oppo A17

If the problem with the phone does not go away, it is forced to be reset, here I will provide two built-in reset procedures that have proven effective. Alternatively, you can also reset via the Google Find My Device service.

Before performing a reset, it is of course important to make sure all documents, photos and other files have been backed up from your Oppo A17 phone.

Also, since this will suck battery power, be sure to fully charge the phone battery before doing this process.

Hard Reset Oppo A17 Through Recovery Mode

This reset method is useful for overcoming repeated restart problems, password and pattern locks, and bootloops. For the steps to hard reset Oppo A17 using recovery mode, please follow the guide here.

  1. Make sure the battery is still left at least 50% then turn off the Oppo A17.
  2. Next press the Volume Down + Power button then hold it until the Oppo logo appears.
  3. Continue with select English then select the Wipe Data menu.
  4. Then select the Format Data option then confirm by pressing the OK button.
  5. After the Wiped Successfully notification appears, click the OK button.
  6. Finally select the Reboot option. Now your phone will restart for about 5 to 10 minutes.
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Factory Reset Oppo A17 Via Settings

Factory Reset Oppo A17 Via Settings

The second method, we can do a factory reset via the settings menu as long as the phone can still be used. Please refer to how to reset Oppo A17 here.

  1. Open the Oppo Settings menu.
  2. Select System Settings.
  3. Tap the Back up and Reset menu.
  4. Tap the Reset Phone option.
  5. Next step tap the Erase All Data option.
  6. Confirm by selecting Erase Data.

Reset through Find My Device

Besides being used for tracking, the Google Find My Device service has a reset feature. Provided, your phone is still connected to internet access and associated with a Google account.

  1. Go to the page using a PC browser or use another phone.
  2. Sign in using the Google account registered on the Oppo A17 phone.
  3. Click the Delete option then tap the Delete Device button.
  4. Enter the Google Account password.
  5. Automatically the reset process will start running.

If the problem with your Oppo A17 is due to hardware or component damage, it must be repaired to a repairman or to an Oppo service center.

Okay, those are two powerful Oppo A17 reset methods that can solve your device problems. Don’t forget, to follow the next tips on how to hide the Oppo A17 application to maximize its use. Hopefully this tutorial is useful and successful to practice.

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