Download Gcam Redmi 10C (Google Camera) Latest Version

When compared to other low-end smartphones, the Redmi 10C is better because it is equipped with dual cameras with a 50 MP main lens that has an f/1.8 aperture and pixel binning technology for high-quality photos. Not only that, there is also a 2 MP depth camera for photos with bokeh effects in the background, and a 5 MP selfie camera.

The Redmi 10c screen size is quite large at 6.71 inches with HD plus resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. With a screen of this size, it provides comfort when playing games, watching movies and viewing photos. In addition, Xiaomi equips it with Widevine L1 HD certification which allows it to stream videos from Amazon Prime and Netflix with high quality High Definition.

As for the photo results, they are among the standards of Xiaomi’s entry-level phones. The photos still look quite sharp with sufficient light conditions. The dynamic range is fairly standard and for color reproduction it is still unsatisfactory, maybe it needs to be edited again before uploading to Instagram.

For shooting at night for me personally is still far from satisfactory even though I have activated the night mode. If I compare it with Google Camera, Xiaomi’s built-in camera is still inferior in several ways, especially in low light conditions.

If you want to try Google’s camera, in this post I will share a Gcam that actually works with almost all of its features. However, let me first explain the features of this camera app made by Google.

Download Gcam Redmi 10C

Gcam is a term for Google Camera that has been modified. Because basically we cannot use this application, so it needs to be modified first.

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People who have application modification skills are known as Modder. There are so many Gcam modders such as BSG, Nikita, Bulkin, Shamim, Arnova, each of which has its own advantages.

Finding a Gcam that matches our smartphone is not easy, because it all depends on the chipset used and the operating system on our smartphone.


Developer BSG
Compatible Redmi 10c
File Size 102MB
Download MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV1u_ENG.apk

GCAM 8.2 Nikita

Developer Nikita
Compatible Redmi 10c
File Size 77MB
Download NGCam_8.2.300-v1.8

GCAM 8.4 Shamim

Developer Shamim
Compatible Redmi 10c
File Size 134MB
Download SGCAM_8.4.400.42.XXX_STABLE_V42.apkNGCam_8.2.300-v1.8

How to Install Gcam on Redmi 10C

If you have finished downloading Gcam BSG Redmi 10c, now you can install the app. Since this is an application from outside the Play Store so the unknown source option in the settings you have to activate first.

  1. The first step, download the Redmi 10c Gcam config.
  2. Then open the Xiaomi file manager and go to Internal Storage > Download.
  3. After that find and tap the Gcam APK file.
  4. Then select Settings and then activate from this source.
  5. Next Install the Gcam.
  6. When finished, launch the app and give the app permission if requested.

Once installed, optionally you can try the config file provided below so that the photo results are maximized.

How to Install Config Gcam on Redmi 10C

The following are the steps to install the Config Gcam file on the Xiaomi Redmi 10c phone.

  1. Open the File Manager application then enter Internal Storage.
  2. After that create a new folder called GCam.
  3. Then open the GCam folder and create the Configs8 folder again.
  4. Now paste the config xml file in the Configs8 folder.
  5. If so, open the Google Camera app and tap on the area to the right of the Shutter button.
  6. And after the config gcam popup appears select the Restore button.
  7. The Google Camera application will restart and after that try using it to take pictures.
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Thus how to download and install the GCAM application on Redmi 10c both MIUI 12, and MIUI 13. This application can also be run on Redmi 10, Redmi 10A. Good luck and love the photo quality of this Google camera app.

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