How to Take Screenshots on Vivo Y21s

Taking a screenshot allows users to save or upload an image of the phone screen. If you’re a Vivo Y12s user, feel free to use any of the screenshot methods in this guide.

Vivo Y12s emerges as a product that satisfies enough to satisfy its users with all its advantages. High-quality 6.51-inch display, advanced Qualcomm chipset, 32GB internal storage, up to 5000mAh battery with fast charging feature.

What stands out is the camera section, where there are 3 camera lenses at the same time! In fact, the photo results are quite impressive considering the price offered. The resulting image quality looks clear and not blurry.

The large IPS LCD screen with HD+ resolution is even clearer with a screen density of 270 ppi. As a result, the screenshot results look more detailed.

How to take a screenshot in Vivo Y12s Smartphone

This Vivo phone is the best selling series until several variants are made, namely the regular Y12, Y12i and Y12s. However, there are still many people who cannot take screenshots. Even though it’s really easy to take screenshots on the Vivo Y12 series.

Vivo has equipped this phone with the latest Funtouch OS, which is packed with features, one of which is taking screenshots with three fingers and S-Capture. You can also take long screenshots.

Here are four ways to take screenshots on the Vivo Y12s that we think are the easiest for you to use.

Volume and Power Button Combination

Other Android smartphones also have screenshot taking like this. This method can be an alternative if you feel that screenshots with the gesture feature are complicated.

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Here’s how to screenshot Vivo Y12s with the Volume and Power button combination.

  1. Make sure the Vivo phone is on.
  2. Next, specify the area or page to be screenshot.
  3. After that press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously.
  4. If the method is correct, the screen will flash and the camera sounds.
  5. Then the screenshot image appears.
  6. Now open the Album app to edit or just view.

Using the Shortcut Center

Not to be outdone by Samsung, Vivo also has a screenshot feature that can be found in the Control Center. Here are the complete steps.

Select the page you want to capture, then access the Shortcut Center by swiping the screen from top to bottom.

Next, tap the S-Capture shortcut. Select one of the screenshot types, such as Square, Cute, and Long.

When you’re done, don’t forget to tap the Save option at the bottom. It will automatically be saved in the Album application.

Long screenshot

For Vivo Y12s users running FuntouchOS, taking long screenshots is not a difficult thing to do without installing applications such as LongShot, Picsew, or StitchCraft.

So, how to use Vivo’s built-in long screenshot? Please read the full explanation.

Open a specific application or page in Vivo that you want to capture. Adjust it exactly to the screen you want to capture. Then, swipe the screen from top to bottom and select S-Capture.

Then tap Long Screenshot to stretch the screenshot. The screenshot process starts immediately.

Finally, tap the Save button when the long screenshot has been taken. You can see the result in the album.

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Using the 3-finger gesture

Many say that taking screenshots on the Vivo Y12s is actually more convenient using three fingers because it is faster and less complicated. Just swipe your three fingers across the Vivo Y12s screen.

  1. Open Vivo Y12s Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and select Shortcuts and Accessibility.
  3. Then enable Slide down with three fingers and Screenshot floating window.
  4. Scroll down and tap S-capture.
  5. Prepare the page to be screenshot.
  6. Swipe the Vivo screen with 3 fingers from top to bottom to take a screenshot.
  7. Screenshot images can be shared immediately by pressing the Share button.

This method looks fancy and not all phones are capable of it. Also, the volume and power buttons last longer when using three-finger screenshots.

No third-party apps to screenshots Vivo Y21s

All mobile device manufacturers are competing to make taking screenshots easier. Vivo, through the Funtouch OS interface, always brings something new to improve the experience of using a smartphone.

With these four screenshot methods, it is enough to meet our needs when taking screenshots. Actually, there is also an Easy Touch method, but it is less convenient when an icon appears on the screen.

This is how to take screenshots on Vivo Y12s without the hassle of installing third-party applications that we don’t want. We hope this tutorial is useful for Vivo users.

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