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VN App Solution Not On Playstore

Recently, the VN app has become popular after a lot of cool videos on TikTok that went viral because they were made in this VN app. VN or VlogNow is a photo and video editing app with features that are not inferior to other apps. In the VN app we can combine videos, photos, add filters for photos and videos, transitions, add music, text and add super cool effects. In the VN app, there are lots of vibrating effects that can be used very easily without being complicated, just one click is easier than the CCP (Cute Cut Pro) app.

After it was popular and so many people downloaded this app, this app suddenly disappeared from the Play Store, we can no longer download and install this app from the Play Store, we don’t know what causes it. Now to solve this problem, we can still download and update the VN app from the site directly, not from the Play Store, the method is quite easy. See more below

VN App Solution Not On Play Store

For users who intend to follow vn app solution not on Play Store then you can see the information as follows.

1. Please download the vn app from the official website directly, namely at vlognow.me

2. Tap the download button to start downloading the VN app

VN App Solution Not On Playstore 1

3. Wait until the download process is complete

4. Then you will be directed directly to the installation page

5. Tap Install, wait until the installation process is complete

Then after that you can download and install the VN app on your Android phone without Play Store. So that’s how the VN App Solution Is Not On Play Store, hopefully it’s useful

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