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How to Root Sony Xperia M [Easiest Method]

root sony xperia M
Root your Sony Xperia M, and you can potentially install a custom Android ROM that lets you use your Sony Xperia M as a full-featured smartphone, install and use Android apps that require root privileges to add features and access your xperia’s system guts, and more.

The Xperia M features a 4-inch 480×854 display, 4GB of internal storage (of which about 2GB is available), and a microSD card slot. It has 5 megapixel (MP) rear camera and VGA (0.3MP) front-facing camera. The Phones runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on a 1GHz processor and with 1GB of RAM.

Remember when all phones were slow? Well, not all, but they all needed that extra push. A very popular thing to do among root users was overclocking the processor to make things more snappy. Even mid-end smartphones are pretty fast now, so there is not much of a need, but some of you may still want to speed things up.

But even if overclocking is no longer as popular, you will find that altering processor speeds is definitely convenient. Got a super powerful phone and want to save battery? Why not underclock the processor? Sometimes we don’t need all the power our specs have to offer, and we could really use saving resources. That makes this one of the most unsung benefits of rooting.

KingRoot is a simple app to root your Sony Xperia M in just one click. KingRoot speeds up your phone and also boosts the battery life.


Rooting the phone and installing custom firmware may also void your warranty — and there’s no official support, so if anything goes wrong you’re on your own.

How To Root Sony Xperia M With Kingroot

  1. Before installing kingroot, you have to disable the internet on the phone first
  2. Open the APK file with your default file manager
  3. If your device displays Installation Blocked or something like this message then Go To SettingSecurity and there you can tick the Unknown sources box.
  4. How to Root Sony Xperia M [Easiest Method] 1
  5. When the installation is complete, enable again your mobile internet
  6. Click “try root” button to start rooting
    How to Root Sony Xperia M [Easiest Method] 2
  7. If your device is compatible, it will finish rooting after few minutes. If rooted successfully, you will see rooted screen which means you device has been successfully rooted.
    How to Root Sony Xperia M [Easiest Method] 3

Congratulations, now your Sony Xperia M device should be rooted. For verify if you device was rooted or not install the Root Checker tool and this will show you if the device is rooted or not.

Now you know how to root the Sony Xperia M smartphone. Just like always, if you hit a snag and need a helping hand, feel free to talk to us in the comments below. We love to help.