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Enjoy More Fonts Style on Huawei (EMUI 3.1) without Root

Enjoy More Fonts Style on Huawei (EMUI 3.1) without Root 1
Most Android users love EMUI because it allows extensive customization. That’s why, at jellydroid, we nevermiss featuring any app or mod that lets you revmp your smartphone’s UI and give it a personal touch. If you have root access on your phone, there are a plethora of stuff like custom ROMs, app and ROM ports, and mods at your disposal.

If you have not rooted your Huawei device and still want to customize it, you got limited but many ways to do that. Besides, launchers, lockscreen apps, wallpapers, iconpacks and Huawei’s own themeengine, you can also enjoy custom fonts. Our Now’s tip about installing hundreds of custom fonts is one of easiest thing you can do on your Huawei phone or tablet.

Follow the installation procedure to get more than 10 fonts on your Huawei devices.

  1. Select languange to English
  2. now you need to download the font from the below link
  3. Put Font to folder HWThemes
  4. Open Themes => Customize => Font => Apply
  1. Font Raleway
  2. Font Monsterrat
  3. Font Lato
  4. Great Vibes
  5. Font EXO
  6. Font CreChoco
  7. Font ComicSansMS
  8. Font Celtic Garamond the 2nd
  9. Font Caviar Dreams

Done! Wasn’t it very simple? Should you still have any question or doubt, just leave a comment below. Enjoy!

t’s all! enjoy more than hundred and fifty custom fonts on your huawei devices. Do let us know whether you are the one who likes to customize his/her android device according to your liking. And do share with us what’s your favorite font for your device.

Feel free to drop your queries in the comments section below. We will try to resolve your issues as soon as possible. Keep visiting for more Android mods, hacks, and tutorials.