How to Fix Bootloop on Vivo X3S W

If your Vivo X3S W doesn’t boot up right after you installed an app or tweak something in the system. It keeps on shutting down and restarting again, chances are your device is on a bootloop. How to get out of it and boot your phone normally? Here is the bootloop solution for Vivo X3S W.

If your Vivo X3S W is still covered under warranty, then immediately visit the nearest service center and you’ll either get the full refund or motherboard will be replaced at free of cost. In case your Vivo X3S W struck in the bootloop while updating the operating system/all of a sudden and your device is not covered under warranty then you should better follow this guide to fix Vivo X3S W bootloop problem.


Do it at your own risk! If your not confident about this tutorial, just bring your device to a nearest service center. If you have decided to go on, make sure you have a 50% battery charge.

How to solve bootloop, revive a dead / softbricked Vivo X3S W

  1. Download the Vivo X3S W firmware files
  2. Put it into your phone
  3. Enter recovery mode( turn off your phone and then press Power key and Volume + key together)
  4. Select: wipe data / factory reset with the volume keys and enter with the power key.
  5. Select “apply update from sd card” and chose( use volume key to select) the firmware you downloaded
  6. Press power key to start flashing.

After following and running all above commands carefully, you must have fixed the Vivo X3S W bootloop issue. Let you know if you face any problems while following this guide Vivo X3S W bootloop fix and we’ll help you with the possible solution.

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