How to Enable Split Screen on Redmi Note 9

Redmi Note 9 has a 6.53-inch display with an FHD+ resolution of 1,600 x 720 pixels that provides a comfortable experience when opening YouTube while replying to Whatsapp or Instagram messages.

Xiaomi smartphones have been equipped with a Split Screen feature that allows users to open two applications simultaneously on one screen, making it easier for users to multi-task. The feature can be used on both Redmi Note 9 and Redmi Note 9 Pro.

With Split Screen mode, you can perform multiple tasks at once, for example opening Telegram while watching a YouTube video while replying to a chat on Whatsapp.

To activate it, you need to know how to activate split screen on Redmi Note 9.

How to Enable Split Screen on Redmi Note 9

To use Split screen on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 devices, there are two easy ways to do it. The first way is through the settings menu so there is no need to use third-party applications and the second way is to use the Split screen Shortcut application.

Those of you who are interested in multi tasking on Redmi Note 9 can follow the two methods below:

Through Recent Apps Button

To activate the split screen feature or Split Screen on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 phones, you can look at the following steps.

  1. First open the Settings app in MIUI.
  2. Next, scroll down a little and select Additional Settings.
  3. Next go to Button Shortcut menu.
  4. Then, please select Open Split Screen.
  5. Next, there will be several options for accessing the split screen, choose the one you find most convenient. The default is to use the Recent Apps button.
  6. Now run the application that you want to put into split screen mode.
  7. Then long press the button according to your choice earlier.
  8. Later the screen will split in two, and then you just have to choose the application that will occupy the second screen.
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As we know, initially this smartphone can still apply the above method. However, since the MIUI 12 update, Xiaomi has removed this feature.

So if you are currently using the latest MIUI version, you must use the help of an application called Split Screen Shortcut.

Use Split Screen Shortcut App

Split screen shorcut is one of the applications that functions to do a split screen. Here are the steps to do a split screen on Redmi Note 9 with the help of the Split Screen Shortcut application.

  1. Open GetApps and install the Split Screen Shortcut app on your Redmi Note 9.
  2. Then open the app and activate Split Screen.
  3. Select Open Android settings.
  4. Next on the accessibility page, please tap Downloaded apps.
  5. The next step tap Split Screen.
  6. Please activate the Use Split Screen option then check to confirm approval and tap OK.
  7. Once this feature is active, you can now split screen.

To run Multi Window, open an application such as Whatsapp, Instagram or Youtube first, then long press the button according to your choice earlier. After the screen is split in two, select the second application.

Use Quick Tiles Apps

Alternatively you can use the Quick Tiles app, here’s how:

  1. First step, find and download the “Quick Tile Split Screen” app.
  2. Then install it on your Redmi Note 9.
  3. Once installed, open Settings then tap Additional Settings.
  4. Then select Accessibility and next tap Downloaded Apps.
  5. Next select Quick Tiles and activate Use Quick Tiles.
  6. Then confirm by ticking the approval box and tap OK.
  7. Now, open the Quick Tiles app and enable Split Screen.
  8. If so, add the Split Screen icon in the Control Center.
  9. Now, launch Whatsapp, Tiktok or other apps then open the control center and tap the Split Screen icon.
  10. Later the application will enter split screen mode, then select another application to run in split screen mode.
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That’s how to do a split screen on Redmi Note 9 and Redmi Note 9 Pro both without an app and using additional apps. In addition, this phone also allows us to take screenshots easily and quickly.

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