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How to Buy WeTV VIP With Credit

With today’s technological developments, you don’t have to watch television or go to the cinema to see the latest movies or dramas. Now you can use your Android smartphone to find entertainment including watching movies and TV series. Currently, there are many app apps on the Play Store that you can install to watch movies. One of the most popular movie streaming apps is WeTV. On WeTV, we can watch various Asian films and TV series such as Indonesian, Korean and Mandarin films. We can indeed watch movies on WeTV for free, but the features are limited, for example between watching movies there will be advertisements that appear, besides that for regular members you will not be able to watch movies on VIP WeTV, so the features are somewhat more limited. So, so that we can enjoy various cool features on WeTV that are not available in regular members, you can buy VIP members. The following is a price list for vip wetv.

  • 30 Days Rp.15.000
  • 90 Days Rp. 35,000
  • 1 Year Rp. 159,000

How to Buy WeTV VIP With Credit

For users who want to try how to buy wetv vip with credit then you can see the guide as follows.

1. The first step, please enter the My menu, make sure you are logged in using your wetv account.

How to Buy WeTV VIP With Credit 1

2. Tap Join Become VIP.

How to Buy WeTV VIP With Credit 2

3. Choose your VIP duration as desired, then tap Buy Now.

How to Buy WeTV VIP With Credit 3

4. You can choose a credit payment method in this section, then tap Subscribe.

How to Buy WeTV VIP With Credit 4

Done, so that’s how to buy WeTV VIP with credit. Now you can watch unlimited movies on WeTV. Hopefully this tutorial is useful and good luck.

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