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How To Get Acne Filters On Instagram

Right now there are lots of trending videos from TikTok, now on TikTok there is a pimple prank going viral. This acne prank is done by using an acne filter from Instagram and sending photos using the acne filter to their respective girlfriends / crushes, there are various reactions, some care and some even stay away from their partners when they are sent photos with the acne filter. Lots of people upload prank videos like that on TikTok, so this time I will try to share how to get the acne/acne filter on Instagram stories. Because now a lot of people are using it.

With this filter you will be able to change your face to be full of pimples and these pimples look very real, that’s why so many people are deceived by this filter because the results are really good and look genuine. You can also imagine what if your face is filled with pimples with this filter. How to? Let’s see the steps.

How To Get Acne Filters On Instagram

For those of you who want to try how to get acne filters on instagram then you can see the guide below.

1. Please open your Instagram story.

2. In the filter section, swipe left until a search effect appears.

How To Get Acne Filters On Instagram 1

3. Tap on the search icon section.

4. Just write acne.

How To Get Acne Filters On Instagram 2

5. Then there will appear a lot of filter options that you can use, I recommend the acne filter from dim2603 because the filter is good and looks real.

How To Get Acne Filters On Instagram 3

6. You can try the filter by tapping try or you can directly save the filter to your insa story camera by tapping on the save icon.

How To Get Acne Filters On Instagram 4

Done, so that’s how to get a pimple filter on Instagram, good luck.

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