How to Disconnect Tiktok from ML (Mobile Legends Account)

The latest Mobile Legends update allows players to bind their accounts with TikTok for added security. This feature also allows players to disconnect their account if needed.

The Mobile Legends game recently introduced a new feature that allows players to bind their ML account using a TikTok account. This feature ensures account security and prevents them from being lost.

Players can also unbind their Mobile Legends account from TikTok if they want to replace it with another TikTok account. This is often done when the previous TikTok account is no longer in use or when players want to sell their game account without a connection to their social media accounts.

The process of disconnecting a Mobile Legends account from TikTok will be discussed in this article.

How to Unbind Tiktok Mobile Legends Account

If users who want to try how to unbind TikTok Mobile Legends account then you can see the guide below.

Step 1. Log in to the TikTok app then log in to your TikTok account to the account to be decided.

StepĀ  2. After that, log into the Mobile Legends game and then log into your profile.

log into ML Profile

Step 3. Select Account Settings.

Select Account Settings

Step 4. Tap on the TikTok account section.

Tap on the TikTok account

Step 5. Select Login to the account you have linked to unlink.

Login to the account

Step 6. Enter the id of your account that you want to unbind.

Enter the id Mobile Legends

Step 7. Choose a reason why you want to unbind your account.

unbind your account

Step 8. Tap Authorize.

Tap Authorize

Step 9. Done, now you can unbind your Mobile Legends account from TikTok.

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unbind your Mobile Legends account from TikTok

So that’s how to disconnect tiktok from ml, I hope this tutorial is useful and good luck.

Also listen how to unbind Mobile Legends game center account in the next article from JellyDroid. If you found this guide helpful, let us know in the comments.

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