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How to Hide Online Alerts On Whatsapp Without App

Whatsapp is a chat app that is now widely used, almost everyone has a Whatsapp account. Whatsapp does have full-featured features that are easy to use at all ages. One feature that is widely used is the disable last seen feature. In Whatsapp we can usually hide our last seen online by deactivating the last seen feature in Whatsapp settings but this feature is still not effective because when we are online, we will still be seen online, because there will be an “ONLINE” sign or online writing at the bottom of our name .

To solve this problem people usually use modified Whatsapp apps but using unofficial apps will usually harm our account and even get banned but by doing this little trick you can hide online alerts without using any additional apps on Whatsapp, and 100% safe, does not harm your account. Pay close attention to the tricks that I will share with you

How to Hide Online Alerts On Whatsapp Without App

If you are curious about how to hide online alerts on Whatsapp without app then you can see the tutorial below.

1. When someone chats with you on Whatsapp, don’t open the message right away

2. First turn off your internet connection in settings, be it wifi or cellular data

How to Hide Online Alerts On Whatsapp Without App 1

3. If the connection is dead, please open your Whatsapp and open the message

4. Up here then you can read incoming Whatsapp messages without any online sign

How to Hide Online Alerts On Whatsapp Without App 2

5. Don’t turn on the internet connection first, please reply to the chat first

6. Clean the Whatsapp app from the background by tapping on the recent app section then close Whatsapp

7. Restart the internet connection, be it data or wifi

8. Then your reply will be sent without showing the online sign

Done, so those are my tricks and tips on How to Hide Online Alerts on Whatsapp without using any additional apps. That’s all of my tutorial, I hope it’s useful

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