Easy Ways to Power Off on Oppo A17K

If your Oppo A17K is not in use, you should turn off the phone in order to save battery power and also avoid distractions such as phone calls or chats, when you want to rest.

To turn off the Oppo A17k phone, there are various ways you can do, such as using the power button, through recovery mode, and turn it off automatically.

Although it sounds easy, but there are still many who don’t know how to turn off the power on Oppo A17k correctly. For those who are curious, how to shut down without the power button can follow the following guide.

How to Turn Off in Oppo A17K

Turning off the smartphone for a while has many benefits, in addition to saving battery and maintaining privacy, the power off the device at least once a week is also important, so that the performance of our phones is always maintained and at the same time clearing the cache.

For friends who still don’t understand how to turn off Oppo phones, you can follow one of the methods below. These three methods can be applied on all Oppo A17 and A17k phones.

Turn Off With Power Button

One of the easiest ways to turn off the device is to press the Power button. However, for on Oppo A17k it needs to be combined with the Volume button. For more details, follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to press the Volume up key and Power key together.
  2. Then hold them for a few seconds.
  3. After that, the Power Off and Restart options will appear.
  4. If you want to shutdown, select Power Off and if you want to restart, select Restart.
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If you want to turn off using the power button only, you must set the power button settings in the System Settings. See how below.

Bring back the Power Button function

As we know, if we only press the power button, then what appears is Google Assistant. Oppo A17 and A17k based on ColorOS 12 Android 12, we can change the function of the Power button whether to call Voice assistance or open the Power menu by long pressing the power button.

To restore the power button function as before, just go to Settings> System Settings> Power Button> Press & Hold Power Button> select Power Menu.

Automatically turn Off and On Phone

This second way, classified as sophisticated, because we can set ourselves when the phone will be switched off and on. The Schedule Power On & Off feature on Oppo phones allows us to set the phone to turn off and turn on automatically at the hour we have specified.

  1. First of all, go to the homepage and then open the Settings app.
  2. After that, scroll down then tap the System Settings option.
  3. In the next step, find and tap the Schedule Power On/Off option.
  4. Then tap the toggle to the ON position to activate the Auto Power Off option.
  5. Next, set the time when the phone will be turned off automatically.
  6. In addition, also activate the Auto Turn On option so that it turns on at the hour you have set.

With this method, you can turn off your phone without the power button. Very easy, right? good luck.

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Power Off Via Recovery Mode

The third way to power off Oppo is through recovery mode. As we know, the recovery menu has options for Power Off and Restart. You can take advantage of both options to turn off and turn on the phone again.

  1. Turn off the phone first.
  2. Then press the Power and Volume down buttons together.
  3. Hold both buttons a few seconds until the Oppo logo appears on the screen.
  4. Release both buttons, and it will automatically enter the ColorOS Recovery menu.
  5. Next, please select English.
  6. To turn off the phone completely, select Power Off.
  7. Meanwhile, if you want to turn off and turn on again, select Reboot.

These are some easy ways to turn off and turn on the Oppo A17k either with the button or without the power button.

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