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How to Change Vivo Theme to Hello Kitty Theme

Hello Kitty is a white cat character with a characteristic ribbon on her ears. Maybe some of you like this cute cat character. Well, if you are a fan of the hello kitty character and have a Vivo smartphone, you can change the theme of your Vivo smartphone into a …

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How to Change Vivo Control Center Like Iphone

On the iPhone there is one distinctive feature that can be used to access the phone’s settings without having to open it in the settings menu. This feature is available on all iPhone devices. Actually, on every Android phone, especially Vivo, this feature is already available, you can access it …

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How to Change Fonts on Latest Free Vivo Items

Have you ever felt bored with your ordinary smartphone display? You can change the appearance of the font on your phone so that your Android smartphone is cooler and not boring. For Vivo smartphones themselves, various types of fonts have been provided from the itheme app from the Vivo smartphone …

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How to Change Vivo Theme for Free and Permanently

On every Android smartphone, a default theme application is usually provided to change the theme of each of our smartphones. Like on Vivo phones, users can also change themes by using the itheme Vivo application. We can use our own theme to adjust the appearance of our smartphone so we …

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How to Change Whatsapp Ringtones and Notification Tones with Songs on Vivo

WhatsApp users can receive notifications when there is an incoming message / chat, as well as if there is an incoming call, there will be a ringtone that sounds indicating an incoming call. In Whatsapp we can set ringtones and Whatsapp notification tones with songs according to our wishes. If …

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How to Download Free Themes From Iteme Vivo V5S

Every phone will certainly be equipped with a default theme app where you can change the appearance of your Android phone to be cooler with the various themes available. Like on this admin phone, the admin has a Vivo which is currently used every day but unfortunately after several updates …

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How To Wipe Vivo Z1x Screen Lock, Hard And Factory Reset

A factory reset can help resolve issues with your Vivo Z1x if it’s crashing or freezing, running slowly or suffering from problems you can’t identify. So, why not learn how to reset Vivo Z1x.

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How to Fix Bootloop on Vivo X3S W

How to Fix Bootloop on Vivo X3S W 56

If your Vivo X3S W doesn’t boot up right after you installed an app or tweak something in the system. It keeps on shutting down and restarting again, chances are your device is on a bootloop. How to get out of it and boot your phone normally? Here is the …

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