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How To Change Font Style On Vivo X7 Without Root

Change Font Vivo X7 – The Vivo X7 is a flagship-grade offering by Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo that brings all the features under its skin.

It is equipped with four Cortex-A72 quad-core processors that have clock speeds of 1.8-GHz and 1.4-GHz respectively. The processors are assisted by a 4GB RAM to ensure a powerful performance even while running multiple apps.

The graphical needs of the system are handled by an Adreno 510 GPU. The entire configuration is built upon a Qualcomm MSM8976 Snapdragon 652 chipset

There is a workaround to change the system font on Vivo X7 and that too without rooting the device. Simply follow the steps below to get it working on your Vivo smartphone.

How to Change Font Style in Vivo X7 via zFont App

Change Font Vivo X7 with zFont
zFont is one of the best and popular font style apps which contains latest font styles. It is free and easy to use app where you can see various font style effects and use them for free.

  1. Find and install zFont app from Google Play Store.
  2. After the app installed in your Vivo X7.
  3. Open the app to find menu options of regular font, colored font, and emoji.
  4. Choose Stylish to see the list of unique fonts.
  5. You can choose one preferred font and click Download.
  6. Once download completed, tap Set.
  7. Next, the option Font Changing model will appear.
  8. Choose Vivo (FuntouchOS).
  9. iTheme will open, choose Lokal and afterwards,
  10. Cchoose Font Local. Apply the font.
  11. The new font style is activated and your Vivo X7 will have better display look.

How to Change Font Style in Vivo X7 via iTheme

Change Font Vivo with iTheme

  1. Download Chinese iTheme app for Vivo X7.
  2. Open folder Download, and click file iTheme_China_Vivo_cararoot.com.apk
  3. To install the app, choose Setting, and activate Unknown Source.
  4. Once installed, open iTheme and choose Font.
  5. Choose your preferred font from the list.
  6. Download and install your preferred font.
  7. Your Vivo X7 will automatically have new font style.

We hope you enjoy your new found ability to change the font style and size on your font in Vivo X7. Do you have a personal favorite font style? do drop a comment and let us know which is your favorite font.