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How to Delete Friends in Latest Version of PUBG Mobile Game

The PUBG Mobile game is an Android version of the battle royale game from the PUBG game which was previously only available on PC. Now the PUBG Mobile game is one of the most popular games and many are playing it. In this game we can play in 1 match …

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How to Set GFX Tool PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Smooth Extreme 60 FPS

GFX Tool is an app that you can use to unlock graphics quality that is still locked in the PUBG Mobile game. As we know, in the PUBG Mobile game, we can set the graphics quality for our games, from smooth to ultra graphics, as well as low to extreme …

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How to Unbind Latest PUBG Mobile Facebook Account 100% Successful

In the PUBG Mobile game, we can login using several social media such as Facebook, Google Play Game account, Twitter, and email. Likewise, if you log in using a guest account, it is recommended to link your game account to one of these social media. In the latest PUBG Mobile …

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How to Update PUBG Mobile Lite Game to Latest Version 0.17.0

PUBG Mobile Lite is a small version of PUBG Mobile. The PUBG Mobile Lite game has a smaller size than the PUBG Mobile game so that players who have Android phones with low specifications can still play PUBG Mobile games. The PUBG Mobile Lite game can only be played initially …

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How to Overcome Unable to Download PUBG Mobile Resource Pack and Map

But have you ever experienced downloading resources on PUBG Mobile so it’s stuck and can’t run as usual? even though the internet connection on your smartphone is running smoothly? Well, in this article, I will give you a little solution so that you can’t / fail to download resource packs …

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