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How To Change Font OPPO A71 Wihtout Root

Today we talk about Font style in OPPO A71. Font style changes option available in China Theme Store but we don’t receive in OPPO A71. However, you can easily change Font Style in your OPPO Mobile.

There is two way to change font style in your OPPO device. First one is required rooted device and second one don’t need any root condition. So simply we can say, You can easily change a custom font in your OPPO mobile. You don’t need a root condition.

Android is well known for its seamless customization features. Most of the phones let users change font style on their Android devices. Oppo is also one of them, but for some OPPO devices, this feature is not available.

To enjoy this feature on your Oppo A71, there are two types of methods: the one which requires root and another which doesn’t require root. So, in this article, you will get to know how to change font style on OPPO devices without root easily.

How To Change Font OPPO A71

Method 1 : Use zFont

  1. Open the Oppo Settings menu.
  2. Select Language & Region then change region to Myanmar.
  3. Now, open Play Store then install zFont3.
  4. Open the zFont app and tap Stylish.
  5. Select a font then tap Download then tap Set.
  6. Select OK then tap Settings then enable Allow apps from this source.
  7. After the font is successfully installed, tap Change Font.
  8. Next go to SettingsDisplay & Brightness then enable Support dai characters.

If you want to change the 5 minute trial font to permanent, please use this second method.

Method 2 : Use SetEdit

  1. Open the Play Store then find and install the SetEdit application.
  2. Now open the Theme Store then download and apply one of the paid fonts.
  3. Next open the SetEdit application and look for the words persist.sys.trial.font 1
  4. Tap the text and select Edit Value.
  5. Change the number 1 to 0.
  6. Now tap Save Changes it will be persist.sys.trial.font 0
    SetEditor persist.sys.trial.font

So this was all about how you can use custom fonts on OPPO A71. For any doubt, query or correction feel free to comment.