How to Activate Split Screen on Redmi 9, 9A, 9C, 9T

Redmi 9 features a wide, high-resolution screen, as well as a Split Screen feature that allows users to split the screen into two parts. This large screen provides comfort in various activities such as playing games and watching movies, and allows for multitasking.

Redmi 9 has improved specifications including a wider screen and higher resolution. The Split Screen feature is useful for running two activities simultaneously, such as watching a movie while chatting on the WhatsApp app.

Today, we will share how to enable Split Screen on Redmi 9, 9A, 9C and 9T.

How to Enable Split Screen on Redmi 9 Series

This Split Screen feature is very useful if you want to run two activities simultaneously on Redmi 9. If you want to know how to enable the split screen feature on the Redmi 9 series, you can follow the guide we share below.

Redmi 9 uses the MIUI 12 interface based on Android 11. However, it is unfortunate that this useful feature for multitasking was omitted by Xiaomi. This is one of the things that many users are disappointed about.

So, we have to use the help of additional apps to do split screen on Redmi 9. For how, check out the steps below.

  1. Download and install the Split Screen Shortcut app on the Play Store or GetApps.
  2. Then open the app and enable the Split Screen option.
  3. If a popup appears, tap Open Android Settings.
  4. On the Accessibility page, you select Downloaded apps.
  5. After that, tap Split Screen and enable the Use Split Screen option.
  6. Then check the consent section and tap OK.
  7. Now, open the app that you want to split the 2 screens. For example: Telegram, Whatsapp, Youtube.
  8. Then tap the Recent Apps button (the square icon in the left corner of the navigation bar).
  9. The screen will automatically become 2 parts, you just need to open another application.
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Solution to Apps Not Supporting Split Screen

As we know, not all apps support split screen and if you find any apps that don’t support split screen, try to overcome it by following the solutions we share below.

Check out how to make all apps support split screen on Redmi 9:

  1. Open the Settings app on Redmi 9.
  2. After that, find and tap the About Phone option.
  3. Next, tap 7 times in a row on the MIUI version until the notification appears “You are now a developer.
  4. Now, go to Additional Settings and tap Developer Options.
  5. Scroll down and enable the Force activity to resize option.
  6. Perform a restart to apply the changes.

It is now possible to enable split screen mode in all apps and games but sometimes there are apps or games that will look messy.

That’s all how to enable split screen on Redmi 9, 9c, 9a, 9t. Hopefully this tutorial will help you to run two applications simultaneously on Xiaomi phones and other models.

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