Samsung Galaxy S I9000 C-RoM Jellybean 4.3 Custom Rom

aways has released an update to C-RoM 4.3 Jellybean for Samsung Galaxy S I9000. The latest version is now C-RoM v4.0.


What Is New ?
This Update a bit For Performance
Fix NPE when switching signal status style.
PlatLogo: C-RoM Series…
Use boost hints on dexopt
wifi: fixed to keep country code after boot
NPE in SearchManager.triggerSearch
When wifi wants ASCII lowercasing, it needs to ask for it.
frameworks: squash of leak & race fixes
Custom System Animations WIP
Properly fix navbar transparency
Advanced low battery indicator options
[Settings] Port Add Wifi name to notification drawer
Settings: Notification Shortcuts
Configurable Notification Behavior
Fix NPE when cancelling the shortcut picker.
Add instance save/restore for hardware tunables.
And Many More Fixes, etc. etc…

How To Install
Get the file
Turn off your smartphone.
Reboot it into recovery mode – press and hold Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time.
From recovery first of all wipe the data; you can do this by selecting “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
Return to the main menu and by using the same this time choose “install zip from sd card” followed by “choose zip from sd card”.
Pick the
Wait while the ROM is being installed.
Reboot system Now


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