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X-Reality Engine For Xperia Roms/Devices

Now that the Xperia i1 Honami Japanese variants have been released, the system dumps for the phone have leaked, allowing certain exclusive features to be ported to other Sony Xperia handsets. Over at xda-developers, one of the mods that devs have been able to port includes X-Reality engine.


The X-Reality technology analyses video data pixel by pixel to give clean, crisp and clear picture no matter what the source. With many different mechanisms at work, picture noise is reduced and color and contrast is automatically adjusted.

Download X-Reality Engine

  1. X-Reality_Engine.zip
  2. BE_movie-patch.zip

How To Install X-Reality Engine

  1. Open Root Explorer (“allow” superuser if first time loading) and you should be at the root partition. / Scroll down and select “system”. You should now be located in /system.
  2. Select the “Mount R/W” button at the top. The “r/o” to the left of the button should change to “r/w”.
  3. Long press build.prop and “Open in Text Editor”.
  4. Now Edit line:
  5. Select the “menu” button on your phone and then select “Save Changes”. Root Explorer will make a nice build.prop.bak backup for you.
  6. Reboot your phone to CWM and flash the zip attached

If you have a unlocked bootloader and want to use Bravia Engine on videos , flash the BE_movie-patch.zip