Jiayu G3 has received its own port of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and This is not an official custom ROM for Jiayu G3 but a port from Amoi N820/N821.


ANDROID 4.2.2 for JiaYu G3 by vredniiy

version: vredniiy stable v1.0

Language: English / Russian / Chinese

4)google apps
5)advanced menu reboot
6)auto-hide the network is not an indicator used by the SIM-card
7)flashlight on the volume button
8)Blue LED notification
9)Camera with 4 nexus with the photosphere
11)viper audio
12)Nexus torch
13)Sound recoder for LEWA
14)Apex Launcher
15)Apex Notifer
16)Es file explorer
17)Full screen photo during a call
18)EngineerMode in the settings menu Developer

Note that we cannot be blamed in case your phone gets bricked. That’s why you had to create the ROM backup, you will be able to restore your device to a working state using the backup files.

Download the custom Jelly Bean 4.2.2 ROM port from HERE