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How to Make Whatsapp Status Story More Than 30 Seconds On Iphone

On Whatsapp Android or on Whatsapp iPhone we can create stories in the form of text, photos, or videos to share with our friends on Whatsapp. But until now, both on Android and on iPhone, we are limited to uploading stories in the form of videos with a duration of …

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How to Delete Someone Else's Status Story on Whatsapp

In WhatsApp there is a status story feature where we can update the status in the form of text, videos, images, in our story status. This feature is similar to Instagram stories where the status story that you have created will disappear by itself within 24 hours. We will be …

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How To Use Ultra Wide Camera On Instagram Story

On the iPhone 11 camera and above there is an ultra wide camera feature where we can take photos or videos with a wider perspective. Many use this ultra wide camera feature to take photos and video views to make it look wider than the photos and videos with a …

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