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Simple Root Gigaset QV830 Without Computer (via Framaroot)

Did you just buy a Gigaset QV830 Tablet and are looking for a way to root your device? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then continue reading to find out how you can root your Gigaset QV830 Tablet using framaroot. Using this guide, we’ll show you the easiest and safest methods on how to root Gigaset QV830.

Framaroot apk is an app to root your Android device which supports any android device. Whether your device is with high-security background or not, FRamaroot is successful with any device.

By following the simple procedure of Framaroot apk, you can root your Android device very easily. So that, you can enjoy the unlocked features of a rooted device.

How To Root Gigaset QV830 Using Framaroot

  1. Download The Framaroot app and install it on your Gigaset QV830.
  2. On your phone, browse the apk file and install it like a normal apk file.
  3. After installing, launch the Framaroot app and tap “Install SuperSU”.
  4. There you will find a button probably named as “Faramir” and “Barahir“, so tap it once & wait for few moments. And you see a success message in your device’s screen.
  5. Reboot your devices
  6. Your device is now successfully rooted. Check your device and find out SuperSU icon, which is the mark of a successful ROOT.

After your android phones of any version have been rooted, still you need an application to check whether the phone has been rooted successfully or not. There are now a number of such applications available in the Google Android Play Store that will help you to know whether your phone has got rooted or not. One of the most famous applications that you can download and install on your android device is the ‘Root Checker’.

If you encounter any issues while following this rooting tutorial, just drop in a comment below. I will get back to you with a solution shortly.


  1. Pls, where can I download the stock rom of this tablet?

    Mine is in a boot-loot

  2. I couldn’t download this program. Downloaded the app from Google Play, but the “app” only takes me to a site to download the actual program/app. no “Get” button….only two blue links for two different versions. The more recent version said “no permission” and the second version I could never get through the captcha to download. There was only two “blue links”??? Very confusing and the entire page was ads so very difficult to tell where I should click to download what I needed.

    Think I’ll let this go and just uninstall enough from my internal storage to use the device. Discouraged…I have an SD card that at this point serves no purpose. I just thought you should know that this entire process was discouraging, frustrating, and totally confusing.