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Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III Mini Highlights

It is in fact Samsung Galaxy S3’s younger brother. It looks and feels pretty good on your hands, especially if you don’t have big enough hands. Here are some highlights:

Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III Mini behindSamsung I8190 Galaxy S III Mini behind

  • It has a regular size SIM card, therefore no need to cut it. When you travel abroad usually you get a local regular size SIM and save on roaming.
  • It has a beautiful screen, just the right size. I wish Galaxy S3 had this screen because the one it has is way too big and can’t be operated with one hand.
  • Battery life is impressive, with just the voice and WIFI turned on it managed to run close to 4 (four) days on one charge. You can see that complaining on short battery life is not productive at all since it is not just phone’s fault. There are many factors that contribute to short battery life: wireless coverage in the area you live, whether you have all possible social gimmicks turned on that keep draining your battery, running apps in background that are poorly written and waste CPU cycles, amount of time the screen is on and so on.
  • So easy to use, love the jelly beans.

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