The Samsung Galaxy S4 all in one is the ideal equipment for daily events and also provides more information in real time by office work, sport, entertainment system and better management of data at all costs.

Samsung galaxy S4 has been built with high configurations and many new features.

  • The S4 has a 5 inch full HD Gorilla glass screen. The 5 inch screen is truly the perfect size screen for a phone.
  • Great additional apps, like a Steam App, adobe playback, and available custom apps for hobbyists and specific interests. However, getting apps to play / work together is a chore.
  • It’s 1080p 5 inch Super AMOLED screen combined with a powerful graphics chip and quad core processor creates truly beautiful imagery.
  • 2GB of system RAM is phenomenal, especially for opening many web browser windows without crashing the whole phone.
  • Camera is the best on the market with a bunch of cool features. It is 13 Mega Pixels which is awesome.
  • Which is especially important to Android users because a lot of android phones have a tendency to be slow or buggy. No sign of that with this phone.
  • The battery last less than a day so you need to deactivate some features to save power.

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