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How To Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE G313 Without PC

Today i will show you how to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE G313. Most of the Galaxy devices are considered very tough to root. We view working root procedures coming for new Galaxy devices coming even before their official launch but when it arrives to rooting a new smartphone, things build pretty sluggishly.

The users of Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE G313 had been waiting for months for a root exploit to arrive. And, at a time when most customers had almost gave up thinking about rooting their smartphone, well-known developer Kingroot has look with an assertion of wish.

We know the phone rooting tutorial we’re going to share won’t be handy for you right now but if you an future buyer of this smartphone, keep this web page for future.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE G313 or any other supported Android device with Kingroot is very simple. All you need to do is to install an APK on your smartphone and touch a button inside of the application.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE G313 With Kingroot

  1. Download Kingroot
  2. Now that everything is ready, and it’s time to install Kingroot. Open your file explorer of choice, and search for the Kingroot APK.
  3. Once you’re done installing Kingroot, either open it from your home screen, app drawer or right on the install screen to get started. Swipe down to get through the opening messages, and then click the TRY IT button at the bottom of the screen once you’re sure you’re ready.
  4. This process takes a few minutes, but the app guides you through the rest, and by the end of it, the app will confirm your root status.

Your Galaxy Ace 4 now has root access! Now you can test some cool apps that need root and improve your phone experience in terms of performance and changes.