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How To Root And Unroot Jiayu G4 Without PC

Today in this article I will show you the easiest way to root Jiayu G4 without PC. If you are ready to root Jiayu G4 then follow the steps below.

By rooting (aka gaining admin rights to) your Jiayu G4, you can install a custom ROM, run rooted apps, undervolt or overclock the processor and even remove all the bloatware your carrier put on the phone. Just keep in mind that there are some caveats to rooting Android phones in general that you should be aware of.

jiayu G4

Framaroot is a quick rooting app, which can be used on any Android device. The process of rooting an Android device is simple and straightforward with this app. That’s because a user would just need to use this app to root the Android device. Hence, the difficulties associated with the traditional Android device rooting process can be eliminated.

Before rooting, you must keep in mind that, it can void the warranty of the device.

How To Root Jiayu G4 Without PC

  1. Download the latest version of Framaroot and install the APK.
  2. Now, Open Framaroot select the action to perform. Select “Install SuperSU”.
  3. Thereafter, in the rooting menu, Select an exploit in list above to potentially root your device as BOROMIR and proceed further. The rooting has now started and you will be getting an awesome success message.
  4. When it i finished, just reboot your Jiayu G4.
  5. Congratulations, your device is now rooted!

Confirm root access using a root checker app from the play store. Open the app, and tap on ‘Verify Root Status’ to find root access. Grant it permission when a pop-up shows up.

Instructions to Unroot Jiayu G4:

1. Open the app and choose Unroot
2. Then click Boromir then Please Reboot you device)
3. And your phone have been Unroot

If you need any help regarding this, sure let us know via comments below. We’ll be try our best to help you out.