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RENOVATE Dream ROM – Get Galaxy S8 Features On Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

RENOVATE Dream ROM - Get Galaxy S8 Features On Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 1
Want to get the latest Galaxy S8 features on your older Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? You can have them thanks to this great ROM. The ROM brings in so many features that I will need a completely dedicated article just to explore them. However, if you want the best ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this is a big contender. It is stable and stocked full of epic features.

RENOVATE Dream is one of the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Exynos version. The ROM comes pre-rooted and with virtually zero bloatware on board. The ROM is based on the Samsung Galaxy S8 framework and all of the S8 apps are ported to the ROM. This includes phone, SMS and contacts.

One good thing about this app is that it is battery friendly and certainly makes an impact on your day-to-day usage. The app also claims to have made some RAM optimizations and implemented mods on system user interface.

RENOVATE Dream is intended for use on for Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F & SM-G930F

When installing the rom you have two options in regards to CSC.

The first is to flash the ones included in the base. Whilst installing the rom will search your efs partition and read what your CSC code is currently set to. If this code is included in the rom base by default it will flash this one. If your csc isn’t included it will flash the default one (BTU).

CSC’s included in base:
BTU (default)

The other option is to flash a custom csc. If you csc code isnt included, but you have your csc files from another rom/firmware download etc you can flash this. All you need to do is get the full CSC folder (will be named by your csc code) and copy it into the renovate zip before flashing. Open the rom.zip with an archive viewer, go inside the csc folder, go inside the next csc folder and then paste your folder here. If your csc is TUR, you will need to drop the TUR folder into the rom.zip so it will read rom.zip/csc/csc/TUR

You then need to open csc_id (in rom.zip) in a text editor and type your CSC code, for example TUR and then save it.

When flashing choose to install custom csc and the installer will do the rest for you. Keep an eye when installing and it will tell you what CSC gets installed.

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