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Pocketown – Adventure (Unreleased) Role Playing APK for Android

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Pocketown – Adventure (Unreleased) is one of the better Role Playing games on Android by SPPKGAME. The game is published by SPPKGAME.It’s a solid overall experience and worth a shot if you’re looking for something that isn’t overly heavy.Thus, there are no real reasons to stick with this one when there are far better games out there.

Latest version: 1.2.0
Publish Date: 2017-07-12
File Size: 489.6 MB
Publisher: SPPKGAME
Req: Android 4.0+
APK Name:com.nxaly.tiop.xt

What’s new

New Pet
120 new Pet from 1-4 generation and new Mega Evolution

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New Gameplay
1. 2P Instance
a. New Function: trainers can make team with other trainers for 2P team and start 2P adventure
b. 2P team can enter the special instance for boss

2. 2P Battle
a. 2VS2 Battle : trainers can make team with friends or guild members and have real-time 2VS2 battle with others

3.Royal Battle (Death Mode)
Under Death Mode, the rule will be changed. Trainers must fight until the last one left.


Massive Collection
Numbers of legendary pets live in Pocketown! Start your journey in Pocketown and raise your own pets! Show your patient love and they will grow and evolve!

Full 3D View. Free Exploration
Full 3D View.Beautiful Scene!! You can freely explore the world of Pocketown. Go adventure and unlock all the hidden area ! What an amazing adventure!

100% Remake ,100% Joy
100% Remake from the Handheld game console. Go remind your happiness in Pocketown! You can also make new experience with trainers all around the world.

Real-Time Battle
Real-Time Battle with your friends. Allow 4 trainers battle. It’s time to show your strategy and brave! An excellent trainer should lead his pets to victory with awesome strategy!!

Pocketown - Adventure (Unreleased) ScreenshotPocketown - Adventure (Unreleased) ScreenshotPocketown - Adventure (Unreleased) ScreenshotPocketown - Adventure (Unreleased) ScreenshotPocketown - Adventure (Unreleased) Screenshot

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