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(Patch) Fix CDMA Signal Strength CM11 M12

Fix CDMA Signal Strength CM11 M12, improve signal quality cdma evdo. Since this post was published, the Cyanogen team published some info on the changes coming to CM11 M12. There aren’t many features, as the release focuses on stability and security updates, including a fix for the POODLE vulnerability in SSLv3 that was recently discovered. Cyanogen’s blog post also mentions polish and improvements to the dual-SIM functionality.

Anyone that has ever rooted a phone has at least heard the name “Cyanogen”, and anyone that is familiar with the CyanogenMod teams work already knows what to expect when updates start rolling out. Well it looks like today is flash day folks, so make your Nandroid backup and be sure your battery is charged, as CyanogenMod 11 M12 Snapshot is now available for download for most devices.

How to install
1.Reboot to recovery
2.Install FixSignalStrengthl-M12.zip
3.Reboot System Now

Do you currently have Cyanogenmod installed? Let us know what you think of the update in the comments below!

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