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Download Nvidia Shield System Dump

The NVIDIA Shield is a gaming system using the Android OS. The console streams games running off a compatible Windows desktop or laptop. This allows for portable gaming of Steam and PC games.

Those with the right set of skills can extract apps found on the system dump of Nvidia’s flagship phone and install them on their device, though some tinkering is obviously required. Seeing that the apps may not be fully compatible with older versions of Android, we suggest you take some extra precaution before getting your hands dirty.

So, here you go. Feel free to download it all or in pieces. There are links to the full system, just the system apps, wallpapers, and sounds for your tinkering pleasure.

Download Nvidia Shield System Dump

Boot Animation Download
Sounds Download
Shield PC Streaming Download
Shield Services Download
Nvidia TegraZone Dashboard Download
TwitchTV Download
Expendable Rearmed Download
Sonic 4 Ep 2 Download

Prior to the leaked files, we’ve gotten a taste of the latest Jelly Bean’s keyboard app, which comes with a Gesture Typing feature. The system dump almost completes the Android 4.2 experience.

Are you planning to be a proud owner of the Nvidia Shield?