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LineageOS 14 Nougat For Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (LTE) gts210ltexx

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (LTE) is one of the devices that have received a lot of praise from critics despite not receiving the same warmth from consumers. It also enjoys some love from developers it seems as it does have an official LineageOS build available for it. LineageOS carries on the CyangenMod legacy and is already available for a number of Android devices via official and unofficial sources. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to install LineageOS 14.1 ROM on Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (LTE).

Lineage OS has some of the best developers working on the ROM and hence it’s not surprising that most custom ROMs these days are built on top of Lineage OS. It focuses on the features that matter, such as user privacy and security. As a result, most of its features such as Privacy Guard or protected apps are readily available on other custom ROMs. Lineage OS is also compatible with a number of mods perhaps more than any other custom ROM.

How to install Android 7.1.2 Nougat LineageOS on Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (LTE)

  1. Download Android 7.1.2 LineageOS custom ROM for Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (LTE) and Google Apps 7.1 Nougat for Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (LTE).
  2. Now reboot into TWRP. To boot into TWRP, first turn off your device and then press and hold Volume UP, Home and Power keys at the same time. If you see the TWRP logo, that means you have successfully booted into the recovery.
  3. Once the phone enters into TWRP Recovery, perform a full data wipe task by Select “Wipe” from the main menu of the TWRP recovery and then select “Swipe to factory reset” option on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Return to the main TWRP menu and choose Install. Browse and select the lineage-14.1-20180308-nightly-gts210ltexx-signed.zip file which you copied earlier to your phone’s SD card in the second step. Swipe to Install/Flash in order to begin the flashing process.
  5. Now return to home in the TWRP and tap on the install option. Navigate to the open_gapps-arm-7.1-pico-20171121.zip file and select it.
  6. Once both the Gapps and ROM are installed, and then select “Reboot System” button.

Now, you will need to follow the above steps carefully to install the Android 7.1 Nougat-based LineageOS 14 ROM on your Galaxy Tab S2 and you will get the latest version of Android on your tablet. However, you can comment with any of your questions regarding the installation in the comments section below and we will make sure to solve any of your questions as quickly as we can.