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Lenovo K900 Super Camera App APK

You can download and try out its Lenovo K900 camera app on your Android powered handset. Most of the features work just fine, although a couple of bugs do currently exist, but if you’re fine with such things, then using the app shouldn’t be a problem.

lenovo super camera

The best part of this camera app is it takes best and sharp pictures with less noise and with hdr function as well as the camera app comes with supergallery which has great number of editing feature and effects.The camera can shoot upto 13mp( for the device that supports) and records 1080p with video stabilization( again for the device that supports)

Download Lenovo Camera Port

Lenovo Super Camera.apk

Lenovo Super Camera (Extreme Clarity) Ported byBSDgeek_Jake
FHD Camera: Lenovo Super Camera (Extreme Clarity)
Installations Steps: Install the “app/LenovoCamera.apk” as user app. Copy everything in “lib/*.so” to your “/system/lib” and set permission to 0.0 (root:root) and 644 (rw-r-r).

The Lenovo Camera port technically works on the Redmi 3 and the Nexus 5 as well, but as of right now things are a bit unstable. Owners of these phones will want to stay updated with this thread in case the is some progress made for either of them.