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How To Unbrick Redmi 2

You can unbrick your Redmi 2 easily as now I have the perfect troubleshoot solution for your smartphone. Thus, during the guidelines from below you will be able to learn a dedicated method that will address software related issues that are stressing you out. As you will see, fixing your Redmi 2 will imply in performing a return to stock operation by using dedicated tools, which mean that you won’t be able to succeed with your plans without checking all the lines from this step by step guide.

This Guide is for users who “hard bricked” their phones. Hard bricking means you don’t see any signs of life on the screen and no LED colors. Your phone looks dead and will not respond to any input.

How To Unbrick Redmi 2

  1. First, le’s download the required files on your computer.
  2. Download Mitool Flashing and install on your PC Windows
  3. Download ROM Fastboot Redmi 2 and extract the fastboot ROM to a folder on your D drive.
    unbrick redmi 2 rom fastboot
  4. Open MIflash Tool, click on browse button.
  5. Select Advanced.
  6. Browse and select like this:
    Fastboot Script – flash_all.bat
    NvBoot Script – leave this option
    Flash programmer – MPRG8916.mbn
    Boot Image – 8916_msimage.mbn
    RAW XML File – rawprogram0.xml
    Patch XML File – patch0.xml
    unbrick redmi 2 mitool
  7. And Click OK
  8. And then connect your phone to PC by plugging in the USB cable and then press POWER and VOLUME DOWN button at the same time.
  9. Wait for the software to identify your phone. Press refresh On Mi flash if you phone not detect
    unbrick redmi 2 mitool redmi 2
  10. Press FLASH Button
  11. The phone is now being flashed and after operation completed
  12. Remove battery and connect it again
  13. Press Power Button

Good job; you have successfully completed the unbrick operation which means that now your Redmi 2 should run without any kind of problems.


  1. how to upgrade my redmi 2 to lollipop? Pls help me with proper instructions and file download link

  2. I’ve tried this but can only get up to step 3. Can anyone tell me how to extract the file? My computer runs on windows 8.1.