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How to Turn Android Calculator Into Iphone

Do you often use the calculator app on your smartphone? Android and iPhone smartphones are indeed equipped with a calculator feature that is useful for calculations. You can use a calculator to perform calculations in the form of addition, multiplication, division, subtraction and many other functions. As we know, the appearance of the calculator on Android and iPhone is indeed different. On the iPhone itself, the calculator display is black. Now for those of you who want to change the look of the calculator on your Android to look like a calculator on your iPhone, you can install additional apps from the Play Store that will make your Android calculator look like an iPhone, and the results are very similar to the original. How? Let’s see the steps.

How to Turn Android Calculator Into Iphone

If you are curious about how to turn Android calculator into iPhone then you can see the guide below.

1. Please open the Play Store and search for the ICalculator app.

How to Turn Android Calculator Into Iphone 1

2. Download and install the ICalculator app on your phone.

3. After that open the ICalculator app.

4. Then your Android calculator display has now become like an iPhone calculator display.

How to Turn Android Calculator Into Iphone 2

As in the usual calculator app, you can perform calculations through this ICalculator app. That’s my tutorial on How to Turn an Android Calculator into an Iphone, I hope it’s useful.

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