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How To Root ZTE Z998 Without Using A Computer

ZTE Z998 Android smartphone is now root with this guide. Rooting your phone is an alternative way to achieve the target such as install custom rom or tweak and mod. Here we prepare the simple guide on how to root ZTE Z998 without using a computer.

Rooting is void your warranty of your phone. Use this guide at your own risk. We shall not have any liability or responsibility for whatever happens to you and your device by using the instructions in this guide.

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ZTE Z998

Let’s see tutorial for to root ZTE Z998 with Official Jelly Bean Firmware:

  1. Download and install Framaroot apk file into your ZTE Z998 smartphone.
  2. Open Framaroot app once it’s installed, and select the action to perform. Select “Install SuperSU”.
  3. From the list exploit, select “Gandalf
  4. Once the exploit is selected, the device would be rooted and you would see a message “Success… Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device
  5. Reboot the smartphone, and now you will get superuser and su binary installed in the smartphone.
  6. After your phone boots back, Now you have successfully rooted your ZTE Z998 and can now have full access to system level files on your device.



  1. It did not work. only fails and tells me to pick i new one.

  2. failed . Were can I get the usb drivers for this device?

  3. http://theunlockr.com/2014/03/18/root-zte-mustang-att/
    Has everything you need to root your ZTE Z998 also when u plug the device into computer remember to choose the install drivers option on phone under PC connection settings. I just successfully rooted mine and it runs better then ever.

  4. This didn’t work! No matter what option I chose I just got an error message!

  5. bonjour,
    J’ai un ZTE Z998 qui a été infecte par un virus…depuis lors je ne peux monter sur internet sans que je ne reçoive des messages automatique et le téléphone est vraiment lent….
    Comment vous pouvez m’aider je vous prie…?