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How To Root ZTE Mighty 3C N928Dt Without PC

How To Root ZTE Mighty 3C N928Dt Without PC 1
The ZTE Mighty 3C (N928Dt) is a great budget ZTE’s smartphone. Mighty 3C comes with Quad-core chipset and 1 GB RAM which is enough for a low-end ZTE model. If you would like to install a custom ROM, uninstall pre-installed apps and overclock your Mighty 3C then you first root and then install the latest version of a custom recovery on your device.

Rooting your ZTE Mighty 3C will afford you more control over your phone’s speed and will allow you to really push your phone harder. You can also optimize your phone’s memory, resulting in better performance. Apps that eliminate redundancy and improve automation also tend to work better on rooted phones.

Jellydroid will not be responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your ZTE Mighty 3C during or after the rooting process. Rooting and installing a custom ROM will void the warranty of your device. Proceed at your own risk.

How To Root ZTE Mighty 3C N928Dt

  1. Download Kingroot
  2. Now that everything is ready, and it’s time to install Kingroot. Open your file explorer of choice, and search for the Kingroot APK.
  3. Once you’re done installing Kingroot, either open it from your home screen, app drawer or right on the install screen to get started. Swipe down to get through the opening messages, and then click the TRY IT button at the bottom of the screen once you’re sure you’re ready.
  4. This process takes a few minutes, but the app guides you through the rest, and by the end of it; the app will confirm your root status.

If you have any questions about rooting your ZTE N928Dt, put it in the comment section below. If you are having troubles, it’s likely other people are too.