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How To Root Verizon Moto X Without Unlock Bootloader Using PwnMyMoto

As you may recall, shortly after the Motorola Moto X was released by Verizon, XDA members discovered a way to be able to root the phone. The method does not require an unlocked bootloader to work.All props and credit for the method described here goes to XDA member jcase.

The rooting of the phone allows you to customize your phone in such a way that the interface can look even better than before. Also if you do not have a wireless tethering option by default in your device, you can have it after rooting your android device.

Sometimes it becomes impossible for you to get rid of the bloatware present in your phone. In case to uninstall the bloatware of your device, you may have to root your phone.

I will not be responsible for damage to your device(s) by using this exploit. Antivirus software and Play services will likely detect this as potentially malicious. It is an exploit, deal with it or don’t use it.

Root Verizon Moto X Using PwnMyMoto without Unlocking Bootloader:

  • Download PwnMyMoto-1.1-Verizon.apk file.
  • Download Android SDK Fastboot-ADB.zip files and extract it
  • Copy PwnMyMoto-1.1-Verizon.apk file to the Fastboot-ADB folder.
  • Launch a command prompt and issue the following command with the name of the apk you downloaded
    adb install -r PwnMyMoto PwnMyMoto-1.1-Verizon.apk
  • Now hit the Enter key.
  • The exploit apk will be installed to your phone.
  • Run the PwnMyMoto app.
  • Your phone will reboot for 2-3 times, so be patient till it finally boots. Since the exploit works on 3 vulnerabilities to bypass bootloader and gain root, it reboots several times.
  • After the last reboot. The exploit will uninstall itself after successful exploitation.
  • Now Please install SuperSu from the market after this step is done.