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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 – With Easy One Click Tutorial

Here I post this tutorial about how to root the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone successfully. When you buy a Galaxy S4 phone and take it out of the box. There are some things that you can edit as allowed by the manufacturer. But if you need to edit thing which is not allowed then you need to root your Android device i.e. gaining administrator access.

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with some pre-installed application by the manufacturer which are just useless and taking up space. These apps cannot be removed directly, but you can uninstall them easily after rooting. Titanium Backup can be used to get this job done.

Disclaimer : We are not responsible for any damages. If any problem happened we will help you to solve it. And also keep in mind rooting your phone is void your warranty.

Galaxy S4

How to root Samsung Galaxy S4? Just follow this steps.

  1. Make sure, you have enabled USB Debugging Mode on device.
  2. Download the Kingo Root tool for Windows, and install it.
  3. Next, launch the app and a setup wizard screen would appear.
  4. As you can see, It will prompt you to plug the device using USB cable. There’s no requirement for pre-installed device drivers, as the software will take care of that for you.
  5. Then on this stage all you have to do is to click the ROOT button.
  6. After for the process finish. Now reboot your Galaxy S4 normally. After the reboot, your device would be rooted for sure which you can confirm by installing root checker apps.

Please do not forget to let us have your feedback if you were able to root your device following this tutorial. Wishing you all the best in your rooting efforts!


  1. Trying to warranty my crappy S4 with MF3 again so decided to try it and it worked fine. Phone is rooted.

  2. It worked for me really easy best way to root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 with the MF3 Firmware.