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How To Root S9920 Without PC

Do you want to root your S9920? If yes, then go ahead and read our rooting tutorial in rooting S9920. It is very easy and it will just require a few steps. Now that you have rooted your device, try those useful apps and special apps which requires root-access to rule your device. Furthermore, you can also look for tweaks for improvement in the UI, speed, sound, battery life, and other performance enhancing hacks.

How To Root S9920 Without PC 1S9920


Ok, lets proceed on how to root S9920.

  1. Download and install Framaroot apk file into your S9920.
  2. Open Framaroot app once it’s installed, and select the action to perform. Select “Install SuperSU”.
  3. From the list exploit, select “Boromir
  4. Once the exploit is selected, the device would be rooted and you would see a message “Success… Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device
  5. Reboot the smartphone, and now you will get superuser and su binary installed in the smartphone.
  6. To check if you’re really successful, see your app drawer and look for the superSU icon.

If however you want to bring back your warranty and you don’t like having root access, there is also a way on how to unroot your phone. Follow the steps below (the process is almost identical to the one above)
How to Unroot S9920:
1. Open the app and choose Unroot
2. Then click Boromir then Please Reboot you device)
3. And your device have been Unroot