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How To Root Runbo X5

Rooting your Runbo X5 allows you to customize and optimize it as per your needs.We are dedicated to providing you with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on rooting your Runbo X5 Android smartphones.

Runbo X5

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Rooting will void warranty of your device, rooting is a process which also has risk of bricking your device. We are not repsonsible for any damage occurs to your device by following this tutorial.

Take more control over your Runbo X5 by using our guide to help you root it.

  1. Ensure that drivers for Android device are already installed on the PC.
  2. And make sure you have enabled the USB debugging option on your phone.
  3. Download the Bin4ry tool and Extract the downloaded zip file to a convenient location on the computer.
  4. Connect your device to the computer.
  5. Double-click on RunMe.bat file available on your Desktop.
  6. Select Normal mode in the tool and let it root your device.
  7. In a few seconds you’ll get the following message on your Device’s Screen , simply click on Restore My Data (no password needed).
    restore my data
  8. Your Runbo X5 device will reboot during the root process. It may take a few minutes, wait to complete the root process.
  9. To confirm, check the menu and look if superuser app has installed. Violaaa. I’m sure, you got root.