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How To Root Orange Zali / ZTE Kis Pro

How do I root the Orange Zali / ZTE Kis Pro without a computer. If you want to root your Orange Zali / ZTE Kis Pro to give wings here is the process.

As you are going to root your phone in this tutorial, you might be interested in reading the benefits of rooting your phone.

Faster Updates
Sometimes, waiting for your manufacturer to release an update can be frustrating. Another benefit of rooting your device is how quick the modding community tend to release the latest updates or even the latest Android OS that’s compatible with your device.

The Ability to Overclock
If you really want to get more oomph out of your phone, rooting might be what you’re looking for. Many phones have far more power than they use in a normal setup and are limited by manufacturers. Rooting can help unlock this potential. If you really want to, you can underclock, too. That’s the great thing about a rooted device — you’re free to do what you want with it.

Full Control of File Directories
With a rooted device, you’re free to explore your file system and do what you want. A non-rooted Android phone or tablet limits permissions and stops you from really having full control of your device. While this is fine for most users — it can sometimes mean you’re stopped from doing what you want to do. With a rooted phone, you can change any permissions and play around with what you want. Just make sure you don’t break anything.

Orange Zali

How To Root Orange Zali aka ZTE Kis Pro using Framaroot.

  1. Download the latest version of Framaroot and install the APK.
  2. Now, Open Framaroot and Choose “install SuperSU” option inside Framaroot.
  3. Thereafter, in the rooting menu, Select an exploit in list above to potentially root your device as Gandalf and proceed further. The rooting has now started and you will be getting an awesome success message.
  4. Once you get the prompt that your device was successfully rooted, simply reboot the device.

If you want to confirm whether your Orange Zali/ZTE Kis Pro is rooted not then Install the Root checker app from the Google play store .

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  1. How and where to get CUSTOM ROM?