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How To Root Oppo R1 Android Jelly Bean

Guide to root Oppo R1 with framaroot app by alephzain with a few easy steps! Rooting is essential for installing third-party root apps, custom ROMs and latest system tweaks on your Oppo R1.

Framaroot is a quick rooting app, which can be used on any Android device. The process of rooting an Android device is simple and straightforward with this app. That’s because a user would just need to use this app to root the Android device.

Framaroot is very special due to its ability to root your device without the use of a computer. Moreover, 90% of the Android device rooting is successful with Framaroot. By rooting an Android device, you can enjoy unlimited customization of your device.

Please note, that in gaining root access, you will in turn forgo your warranty, but then, you already knew that. And we will not be held responsible if anything goes wrong during the process.

Step by Step Guide to Root Oppo R1

  1. Download Framaroot 1.9.0. After you have successfully downloaded the APK to your Oppo R1, install it just like any other app. You might need to enable “Unknown sources” (Settings> Security > Unknown sources) if the app won’t install.
  2. Open the installed Framaroot application on your phone.
  3. Choose Install SuperSU
  4. You will now see few options available (exploits) on the screen just click “Barahir“.
  5. Wait until the ROOT process finishes and come up a notice on the screen. If you get a message that says “Success … Superuser and su binary installed”.
    framaroot root success
  6. Now, reboot your phone and the rooting process is complete.

Congratulation, your Oppo R1 is now rooted successfully on official Android 4.2.2 JB firmware. Now you got the power to install any app that requires root permission. You can also download Root Checker from Google Play store to confirm the root status of the device.

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  1. unfortunatly it oesnt work with my R829T!! any suggestions???