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How To Root Medion Life P5001 Without Computer (via Framaroot)

Medion has released 5-inch screen size smartphone, which has received a good feedback in the market. If you’re one of those, who owns this amazing Android smartphone, probably you would be looking for Rooting and Custom Recovery installations tutorials to make it to the next level by installing Custom ROMs, Mods and Kernels. Thanks to the xda developers community, who in the early days have managed to release a root exploit for the Medion Life P5001.

Rooting android device gives you total control over the entire Android system. You can use and download all the blocked features and tools, but this power comes with some risks. A lot of the blocked features and tools are present to protect you from malware, for instance. Once rooted, you won’t have the protection of an unrooted Android version.

Framaroot is a quick rooting app, which can be used on any Android device. The process of rooting an Android device is simple and straightforward with this app. That’s because a user would just need to use this app to root the Android device.

To use Framaroot and root the device or experience the other features offered by it, a person will need to install this app on the device.

Follow the instruction in order to safely and successfully do it.

Root Medion Life P5001 via Framaroot

  • Download The Framaroot app and install it on your Medion Life P5001.
  • On your phone, browse the apk file and install it like a normal apk file.
  • After installing, launch the Framaroot app and tap “Install SuperSU”.
  • There you will find a button probably named as Boromir and “Barahir”, so tap it once & wait for few moments. And you see a success message in your device’s screen.
  • Reboot your devices
  • Your device is now successfully rooted. Check your device and find out SuperSU icon, which is the mark of a successful ROOT.

That was all you need to know, in order to successfully Root on your Medion Life P5001. It was at the end, an easy tutorial, Hopefully you’ve got successful in your attempt.


  1. The method didn’t work.

  2. I have a median E5005 can anyone tel me where to get the info to root this please