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How To Root LG G Pad V500

Root privileges for most users is very important because we can get the most out of our LG G Pad, considering that the majority of the very useful apps like Titanium Backup that helpful to perform a backup and get rid of the bloatware, requires root access to work. Thank to Jcase from xda, who build the Stump Root that is able to provide superuser privileges to this tablet with an easy method, so anyone can get it done in no time, including novice users.

lg gpad

There is no special procedure to utilize this app, but for those who are curious about how to use this app, here we provide step by step how to use it on your android devices:

  1. Download and install the Stump root
  2. Run it and Select Grind to root. (If you get a message Model unknown use bruteforce mode, select OK)
  3. Phone will ask you to reboot or it might reboot auto.
  4. Now you’ll need to download SuperSU from the Play Store. Let it update it’s binaries, and after a second reboot you’re all set.

Once you have successfully rooted your LG G Pad V500, you can install most of the apps, which require root access, from the Google Play Store. You can also install a recovery and various ROMS/mods for your Android device. Make sure that you follow all the instructions correctly and you can shoot any questions below.