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How To Root LG G Flex Without A Computer

How To Root LG G Flex Without A Computer
The Easiest Way To Root LG G Flex Without A Computer. The LG G Flex runs Android 4.2.2. (Jelly Bean) and features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The main 13 MP camera is located on the back. The back is also self-healing. That means that if your keys scratch your phone, it will still be just as beautiful as before. It has a 6-inch HD display with a 1280 x 720 resolution.

If you are an owner of LG G Flex, you might be wanted to root the device to unveil the unlimited possibilities of Android operating system. So here we are with the step-by-step tutorial to root LG G Flex.

Now that we know why and how rooting can help customers, we’re going to talk about how. Older methods required customers to install an app on the PC, connect their phone and let the drivers install manually. Today, the process is much easier and rooting your phone can be done without requiring a PC. We’re going to talk about some of the services that allow you to root your phone without requiring root access.

Method 1: Using Kingo Root ApK

KINGOROOT is one such app as it comes with a pretty intuitive user interface and the ability to quickly root your Android device. The app can root almost any Android device you throw at it, although there are going to be some notable exceptions. The developers are updated with the latest firmware, which means the app also supports rooting of Android Lollipop smartphones. This is a feature that not a lot of apps can offer right now, making KINGOROOT fairly popular in the marketplace right now.

  1. First download KingoRoot on your Android mobile phone from below.
    How To Root LG G Flex Without A Computer 1
  2. KingRoot app bypasses Android security and install itself as System App in the Smartphone. Phone detects security intrusion and blocks KingRoot installation. Tap on “More details” to see more options and tap on “Install anyway (unsafe)“.
    install kingroot lg l90
  3. Kingo Root will be installed on your LG G Flex smartphone. Tap on Open to open Kingo Root app.
    How To Root LG G Flex Without A Computer 2
  4. Press “One Click Root” on the main interface. Wait a few seconds until the result appear.
    How To Root LG G Flex Without A Computer 3
  5. Wait for the result, succeeded or failed. Try a few more times for different rooting methods if failed. That’s it, You are done .
    How To Root LG G Flex Without A Computer 4

Method 2: KingRoot APK

A more polished version of the apps that we talked about above, Kingroot is a decent root app that offers one touch root support much like the apps that we discussed above. If you’re not happy with the root experience, you can simply unroot your smartphone from within the app, which is a handy feature to have. Naturally, this app doesn’t require a PC to root your device, so it’s pretty much like any other app.

  • Install Kingroot App . (To install the APK you will need to acceppt unkown sources for APKs. This can be done through.”Unknown Sources“ under Menu -> Settings -> Applications).
  • Open Kingroot, you will have “TRY IT” button tap on it. Make sure you have checked “Agreed KingRoot License Agreement” check box, otherwise “TRY IT” button will be disabled. KingRoot App will open and Start scanning for your device’s Root Status.
    How To Root LG G Flex Without A Computer 5
  • If your phone is Un-Rooted, you will see following screen. Tap on “TRY ROOT” to start rooting your G Flex smartphone.
    How To Root LG G Flex Without A Computer 6
  • It will take some time to root the phone. You will see a success message after successful Rooting of your smartphone.
    How To Root LG G Flex Without A Computer 7
  • This is the proof of a rooted device.
  • You have now succesfully Rooted your LG G Flex.

So, there you have it—several of many ways how to root LG F Flex. Some may work better than others for your particular device. Once you have root, you have the capacity to get the most out of your device. However, if you find that you don’t like the root, you can unroot your phone.

Tell us how you like your new rooted LG G Flex in the comments section below. Or tell us about your troubles.