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How to Root Lenovo a516 Without PC

Do you want to root your Lenovo a516? If yes, then go ahead and read our rooting tutorial in rooting Lenovo a516. The steps are very simple and easy to follow provided that you read this a couple of times until you’re sure that you can do it.

The Lenovo A516 is powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core processor and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It comes with 4.5-inch display with 178 degree wide-view IPS technology. The A516 much like its bigger sibling, A850 sports a 5-megapixel rear camera and has 4GB of inbuilt storage with support for microSD card.

The Lenovo a516 has a reasonable amount of Bloatware, that can be only be removed with root access.

Even with all of the benefits, there are still some risks involved in the process. Voiding your warranty could be a major concern if the device is fairly new, so you’ll have to decide whether or not it will be worth it for you in the long run. If your model is defective in any way, it’s probably worth using your warranty to get a replacement before attempting to root the phone.

How to Root Lenovo a516 Without PC

Steps Required in Rooting your Lenovo a516

  1. Download and install Kingroot APK
  2. Before installing kingroot, you have to disable the internet on the phone first
  3. Open the APK file with your default file manager
  4. If your device displays Installation Blocked or something like this message then Go To SettingSecurity and there you can tick the Unknown sources box.
  5. How to Root Lenovo a516 Without PC 1
  6. When the installation is complete, enable again your mobile internet
  7. Click “try root” button to start rooting
    How to Root Lenovo a516 Without PC 2
  8. If your device is compatible, it will finish rooting after few minutes. If rooted successfully, you will see rooted screen which means you device has been successfully rooted.
    How to Root Lenovo a516 Without PC 3
  9. To become more sure, you can go to google play, search and download Root Checker app to Check if the Root is successful.

That’s it Lenovo a516 is now waiting for more apps to install. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial to root Lenovo a516.Please fell free to comment if you face any difficulties or errors while rooting. We are always availlible to help and solve your problem.


  1. hai..if i root my lenovo a516…the memory internal can be transfer to sd card??right or not??..

  2. hi. I just want to ask, what will happen if I root my lenovo? because I really want to have a screenshot function. Is there any other option rather than rooting it? Thanks.

  3. Sir, how can i back up my data and the stock rom before using framaroot? also how to lessen the RAM consumption of this phone? average consumption is 60-70 %. is that normal or did i do something wrong.. thanks and waiting for your feedback..

  4. hi ma’am/sir.. good day! how can i retrieve deleted pictures from phone memory? thank you

  5. I’ve done root my lenovo a516 but my apps on internal storage still can’t moved into external strorage. Can you explain masta? Really needs your answers asap.

  6. Why it doesn’t work on my lenovo a516 I follow every single step but still doesn’t work :'(

  7. Why it doesn’t work on my lenovo a 516 I followed every single step but still doesnt work :'(

  8. hello sri ,,,, i instal the root of in my phone but it not work…

  9. Hi . how to download Screenshot ? Lenovo a516 , please help :/

  10. just hold down the power and then the volume down button.

  11. firstly i have root my lenovo a516 using ths mthod then i updte my system.after that i check my phone using root checker it says it does not have root access.i try to root it again but it not working..help me

  12. i habe root using this method but after i update my system my phone have loses root. i try to root it again but not working.can u help me to root it

  13. maybe you need try Vroot

  14. i have root my lenovo a516 using this method..after root i can’t access my internal memory..how to access it back..