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How To Root Lenovo A3300 Without Computer Using Framaroot

Get a brand new Lenovo A3300? If so, you must cannot wait experiencing the new device and varies kind of features. However, to develop the device fully, you may need to root Lenovo A3300. Here I will show you how to root your Lenovo A3300 with help of the program Framaroot in just one click.

Lenovo A3500 tablet include a 7-inch screen with 800 x 1280 pixel display, 3G connectivity, 1GB of RAM, 5-megapixel primary camera, 2-megapixel front-facing shooter, and a quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz. The rumoured A3500’s and A3300’s Bluetooth Certification file can be viewed here and here.

In the simplest terms, rooting means getting root access or administrative privileges for your device. You may have paid for your Android device, but it’s worth noting that no matter how much or how little you pay, the internals of the device are still locked away.

Think of it as operating on a desktop computer through a user account. You get to take advantage of most of the features of the phone, but you can’t do anything without administrative rights. Rooting android device gives you exactly that, for your device. It makes you the administrator of your phone, and not just a user.

Kingroot and Frmaroot offers you the easiest way to root your android phone. The program was first designed for rooting Lenovo A3300 but now it works on an almost maximum number of Android phones. Using the program for rooting purpose is also easy where you just have to download the program on your phone and then run the program.

You do not need any computer or any other assistance when you are using Kingroot and framaroot to root your android phone.

Method 1: Root Lenovo A3300 via Framaroot:

  1. Download The Framaroot app and install it on your Lenovo A3300 Tablet.
  2. Open the installed Framaroot application on your phone.
  3. Choose Install SuperSU.
  4. There you will find a button probably named as Faramir, so tap it once & wait for few moments.
  5. And you see a success message in your device’s screen.
  6. Reboot your tablet

If Method 1 didn’t work with your Android device, then this is probably the next best option if you want to root your device without accessing your PC.

Method 2: Root Lenovo A3300 via Kingroot App

  1. Download Kingroot from here Kingroot app
  2. Before installing kingroot, you have to disable the internet on the phone first
  3. Open the APK file with your default file manager
  4. If your device displays Installation Blocked or something like this message then Go To SettingSecurity and there you can tick the Unknown sources box.
  5. How To Root Lenovo A3300 Without Computer Using Framaroot 1
  6. When the installation is complete, enable again your mobile internet
  7. Click “try root” button to start rooting
    How To Root Lenovo A3300 Without Computer Using Framaroot 2
  8. If your device is compatible, it will finish rooting after few minutes. If rooted successfully, you will see rooted screen which means you device has been successfully rooted.
    How To Root Lenovo A3300 Without Computer Using Framaroot 3
  9. To become more sure, you can go to google play, search and download Root Checker app to Check if the Root is successful.

Congratulation, the Lenovo A3300 device is now rooted.

You can verify the root status by using the Root Checker application from Google Play Store.
If you succeeded in rooting Lenovo A3300 Tablet by this method, please comment below…


  1. I have Lenovo A3500
    But I Can't root it as mentioned for A3300?
    Any one have idea how to root A3500?

  2. I managed to root the device bit would not like to load a custom recovery?

  3. I can not use my framaroot app for lenovo a3300, maybe u can to help me, why????

  4. When I clicked faramir button it said error and told me to change it
    So can you tell me your version

  5. I still can't root my lenovo a3300gv i tried this 3 exploits but still says error.plz help me to fix my problem tnx.

  6. ''You seeing one or more exploit name, also click on one after you have selected an action and you will see one of the above messages''

  7. No the kingroot didn’t worked for me. I tried several times but it wasn’t successful