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How To Root HOMTOM HT7 3G

How To Root HOMTOM HT7 3G 1
The HOMTOM HT7 3G is without a doubt a great phone from the start, but what if you could make it even better? I’m not just talking about installing great apps for it, but about going one step beyond and rooting it to unlock its full potential.

Kingroot is one of the more tried and true methods for rooting. To use Kingroot, you don’t need any additional downloads besides the application, and you don’t need to mess around with flashing. Once you have the app installed, just launch it, and you’re ready to go; the hardest part of the entire process is waiting for the root to finish.

How To Root HOMTOM HT7 3G

  1. Download Kingroot
  2. Now that everything is ready, and it’s time to install Kingroot. Open your file explorer of choice, and search for the Kingroot APK.
  3. Once you’re done installing Kingroot, either open it from your home screen, app drawer or right on the install screen to get started. Swipe down to get through the opening messages, and then click the TRY IT button at the bottom of the screen once you’re sure you’re ready.
  4. This process takes a few minutes, but the app guides you through the rest, and by the end of it; the app will confirm your root status.

The HOMTOM HT7 3G won’t take more than five minutes to root, and thankfully has a reliable method to get it done. After rooting, the HT7 3G is even more active than it was before, so enjoy your brand new rooted experience, and finally get the most out of your Android phone.

Tell us how you like your newly rooted HOMTOM HT7 3G in the comments section below. Or tell us about your troubles.