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How To Root DOOGEE Hotwind DG200

Good news…..The DOOGEE Hotwind DG200 can be successfully rooted, thanks to alephzain from XDA forums. Here is a short guide to how to safely root Hotwind DG200. Oh and yes I have successfully rooted my own device to confirm the method.

Rooting any Android device will void its manufacturer warranty. In cases of some of them, unrooting restores the warranty.

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Doogee DG200 Hotwind

Well, here’s a step by step method to root the phone

  1. Download The Framaroot app and Install the Framaroot tool .apk file you have downloaded earlier on your Hotwind DG200. Enable the installation option from unknown sources if asked.
  2. Open the installed Framaroot application on your tablet.
  3. Choose Install SuperSU.
  4. There you will find a button probably named as Boromir, so tap it once & wait for few moments.
  5. And you will see the following text: “Success, Superuser and SU binary installed.”
  6. Reboot the device
  7. You should now see the super-user icon in your device’s app drawer. Your DOOGEE Hotwind DG200 device is now rooted.



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  2. can you give me a rom for this phone ? i`ve bricked mine. Thank you

  3. How cand i install this rom ? it tell`s me installation aborted.Thank you.

  4. thank you very much, i`d repaired my phone

  5. That’s a great news! I’ve tested it and… works! Now my doogee hotwind dg200 is finally rooted! THANKS!

  6. This is FAKE 4.2.2

  7. The REAL Android OS Version is 4.1.2.
    This China OEM as faked the build.prop and the framework smalli to display 4.2.2.

    On the build.prop:

    # Do not try to parse ro.build.description or .fingerprint
    ro.build.description=hexing77_jb-user 4.1.2 JZO54K eng.gxt.1376561140 test-keys
    # end build properties

    # begin mediatek build properties

    All the info can be checked on the build.prop itself, and by checking on settings>apps >systemui (check the systemUI VERSION)

    Dont be fooled.


  8. I tried using framaroot on my doogee turbo and it keeps failing. Can anyone tell me how to root this phone?

  9. Search for Vroot tool, it should work…

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